4 Mobile Marketing Tips

Vietnam has been the second fastest growing smart phone market in Asia. This is due to two factors: 1) Low device usage costs – around $50 and 2) the accessibility of free Wi-Fi and the lowest 3G costs globally (about $3 per Gb). Therefore it’s no surprise that the majority of Vietnamese will have their first online experience on a mobile device.

This mobile-first expansion is powering a range of online services, many of which are showing their first signs of serious growth, such as mobile e-commerce.  Mobile marketing continues to grow in demand, in particular to reaching young, affluent and urban audiences. If you plan on using mobile marketing as part of your advertising efforts, here are five tips to get you started.

1.     Use a buying model that reflects your objectives.

Mobile advertising has hit the market with a range of competitive and unique buying models. For example, if your objective is to have users download your app, buy media based on Cost Per Download. There are also Click to Call models, Cost per engagement models (where an engagement can be tap/swipe/click/call), Cost per reach or the usual CPM / CPC buying models. With some buys, the actual cost may depend a lot on your audience and how competitive the category is.

2.     Consider the different formats required for mobile.

 Most of the time mobile ad units are half or a quarter the size of normal ad sizes you see on a normal screen. Because of this, advertisers should try to avoid too much text or detailed images. You’ll need to be very concise with any copy also!

 3. Leverage mobile’s rich targeting options

You should also consider the audience of smartphone users. Obviously you wont be targeting seniors through mobile, so when you buy your media ensure that you get an exact target audience breakdown of the site or network you want to advertise on and that it matches your campaign target. In addition, some mobile advertiser vendors offer targeting on interests, types of apps downloaded, type of device, iOs or Android, and also geo-location, even down to the specific area or street.

4 . Have a mobile-friendly landing page

Lastly - and most importantly - Make sure you have a mobile friendly landing page! Mobile-optimised pages using HTML5 are inexpensive and can generally be included as part of a package when developing your website. Or if you plan on running a campaign targeting at app downloads, ensure that the landing page has an app download function – or even better, a redirect to the Apple Store or Google Play. Not having a mobile-optimised landing page may be wasted advertising dollars, as users get frustrated with the lack of seamless experience. 

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