DIGIRATI SERIES: Satyajit Ghosh, Unilever

The Digirati series regularly features industry experts in Vietnam and around the world to share their thoughts and passion in digital marketing. Today we spoke to Satyajit Ghosh, Head of Media at Unilever Vietnam.

How did you get into digital media/marketing?

I have spent a decade in Advertising and media industry working as a communications professional before moving to the ‘client’ side. Putting myself in the consumer’s shoes, I learnt very quickly the value of right touch points for connecting audiences of value. Hence I didn't get into digital media/marketing, ot got onto me. A default option, if you want to stay relevant in this industry.

Favourite website/app?

Ted.com and Google.com

How do you stay up to date on trends & new platforms?

Stay foolish and stay hungry.  Spend 15 minutes everyday online reading something new

The next big thing in digital is…

Single source data and Mobile enabled shopper marketing that is specific to Vietnam and SEA


Satya will be one of our industry experts at the Digital strategy panel at Digital Kickstarter.