DIGIRATI SERIES: Nhat Nguyen, Daybreak Digital

The Digirati series regularly features industry experts in Vietnam and around the world to share their thoughts and passion in digital marketing. Today we spoke to Nhat Nguyen, Head of Social Media at Daybreak Digital.

How did you get into digital media/marketing?

I had a friend in San Francisco who ran his own Digital Marketing service for small businesses in the area. We worked mainly with SEO and outsourced SEM. At this time, Social Media was on the rise--and fast. It was here that I decided to learn social media to offer it to our clients. I read blogs, followed pages and social media leaders at the time, and attended conferences and seminars until I felt I was expert enough to start offering services to our clients. We increased our profit margin by quite a bit with the addition to social media to our offerings. Then I moved to Vietnam where I became a Social Media Strategist for T&A Ogilvy where I learned how to do Social for big brands with big budgets and on a national/regional/global scale. 

Favourite website/app?

Grindr (haha just kidding)... Favorite website is: reddit.com

How do you stay up to date on trends & new platforms?

socialmediaexaminer.com, mashable.com, jonloomer.com, digitaltrends.com/social-media/

The next big thing in digital is…

Facebook Messenger Payments just went live in NYC. This may change the way business is done on Facebook once this system is ironed out properly - especially for small businesses. 


Nhat will be one of our industry experts at the Social Media panel at Digital Kickstarter.