Five reasons to up-skill for the digital world.

The digital marketing industry is relatively new in Vietnam; current spend in the category is no more than 10% of total marketing spend. It has however grown exponentially, 60% year on year. With brands and agencies continuing to invest in the digital space, are you equipped to handle this page of change? 

Here are five reasons why you need to up-skill now to ride this change and become leader in Vietnam’s digital industry:

1. The market potential.

There are 41m users online in Vietnam - representing almost 50% of the total population. For a brand or business, that’s huge market potential for any business. Learning new skills in social media, content marketing and search engine marketing can help you tap into that audience efficiently and effectively. 

2. Digital is cost effective

Digital marketing doesn’t have the high costs of producing TV campaigns or big outdoor billboards. But it can reach just as many people. For communications professionals, it serves as an alternative marketing channel that is more cost effective, quicker to implement and generates results instantaneously. Learn these skills and you’ll become one of the most agile and effective marketers in the country. 

3. Your competitors are online

Not only are big multinational brands utilising digital marketing in their communications but you will also find that small, local brands and even your favourite coffee shop will be using digital tactics. More than likely your direct competitors will also be well-aversed in digital channels. When your competitors start talking about their products, and you are not, then the opportunities to connect with your target audience are lost. Brush up on your skills and you too can start meaningful and sales-driven conversations to combat your competitor’s tactics.

4. You will develop a niche, in-demand skill.

Having been responsible for hiring digital talent in previous roles, it is without a doubt a rare skill to find. Those who have had at least 2-3 years experience within Vietnam can demand considerable salaries, and graduates that have a starting knowledge and practical experience will land a job faster than those without. And while digital marketing won’t be a big focus in most university undergrad programs, you can try specialist bridging programs like Vietnam Digital Academy to help you get started on the road to digital. 

5. Digital is global.

Digital skills are easily transferrable from country to region to hemisphere. Because platforms like Facebook and Adwords is the same the world over, your skills that you learn at home can be applied anywhere. An individual with digital skills has a better chance to work abroad; and while you’ll need to adapt to cultural nuances and language; your core concepts and processes are exactly the same. 

The change of pace in today’s marketing and technology world is changing. So why not begin your digital up-skill journey today? Vietnam Digital Academy can help you get started here.